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About Us

United Construction Development company LLC( UCDC)  was established in Sultanate of Oman  by group of Professionals, backed by key staff with extensive design and field experiences, provides specialists services to clients, particularly in the design and construction of Post Tensioning  , Pre-stressed , Ground anchor and repair . UCDC  is a sister concern of  UCSP Ltd , a leading post -tensioning contractor in India formed by a group of professionals having more than two decades of experience in Post tension and allied fields.

Our systems comply with international specifications and recommendations eg: ASTM, AASHTO, BS, EUROCODE, DIN, AUSTRIAN CODE, SIA, FIP, EOTA, IS CODE, etc. The quality of UCDC  products and services is in full compliance with the above.

UCDC Post-tensioning System consists of the main  components and equipment involved in the post-tensioning design of buildings. It is tested in Accredited Laboratory and satisfies the testing criteria of FIP requirements.

Being a post-tensioning specialist, UCDC has developed its own slab post-tensioning system to satisfy the it’s project needs.  UCDC flat anchorage system is tested to the latest European code requirements (ETA), and all its major components manufacturing processes are subjected to UCDC factory production control procedures.

Stringent in house QA and QC measures have ensured that UCDC slab post-tensioning components are of the highest quality when delivered to site.
UCDC double-layer galvanized steel duct is rigid and watertight, and is used for both post-tensioning works and as sleeves in precast column members. We supply ducts from diameters of 68mm to 135mm, come with corresponding couplers. Standard length of duct is 4.75m. It can also be cut to the client´s specified length if required.