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Construction Friendly Solutions

Construction and to more environmentally-friendly execution of work have been part of the UCDC  centres objectives for a long time. The main scope is design and detailing in saving thousands of tonnes of steel in building industry

Compared with conventional reinforced concrete slabs, the use of post-tensioning results in more durable structures with reduced concrete volumes, lowering the CO2 emissions considerably.

We focuse on economic and environmental aspects , the life cycle cost of structures, environmental-friendly construction materials, energy efficiency and resource consumption, as well as construction and demolition waste management. Increasing importance is also being given to the efficient, effective and responsible operation of businesses and buildings, including decommissioning and de-construction. In particular, the replacement of key infrastructure such as bridges and roads is becoming increasingly difficult due to issues such as traffic disruption, site access and congestion and public nuisance. The construction industry therefore has to find ways of building that minimise the impacts throughout construction, the structure’s life and its eventual decommissioning or replacement. Typically, this involves guaranteeing a long design life, and generally providing durability with low maintenance requirements,