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Design, supply, and erection of precast concrete components

*  PC girder for Bridges  - Precasting is widely used in bridge construction as the work is often repetitive and involves installation of many heavy elements. Specialised formwork is generally custom-built for casting or precasting different structural members, such as precast beams , piers , segments ,

*   Planks




*  Walls – Earth Wall System combines backfill, soil reinforcement (steel or polymeric) and facing panels to build a cost-effective and attractive retaining wall.

During the tender and installation stages of the project, we assists contractors by providing quotations, method statements and technical assistance including on-site technical advisors to ensure that the walls are installed in accordance with system requirements.

Cost-effective retaining wall solution has been used on a range of infrastructure projects and has proven its performance in a wide variety of applications

The basic retained earth principle involves transferring forces developed within the retained earth block into the reinforcing elements through the facing panels , this is achieved by the soil particles bearing on the transverse wires of the reinforcing mesh ladder and the development of passive resistance on the projected vertical area of these wires, which transfer the load into the longitudinal bars. The main components are Facing panels and backfill reinforcement .

Advantages –Economic , removing need for pile foundations , replacement of other walls , matching adjacent structures .